a real-time tracking and positioning system that can track and record position

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Bluetag is a real-time position tracking system utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy version 5.0, known for its cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. This system allows tracking and recording of the movement of employees within a company, attendees at events, students within school premises, devices, products, and even vehicles. Bluetag is highly suitable for monitoring the movements of both individuals and objects simultaneously within a specific area, whether it’s indoors (such as a building or factory) or outdoors.


                Bluetag can track and locate employees in real-time, ensuring precise and accurate position identification. Moreover, it can monitor each employee’s working hours and generate daily/monthly reports, facilitating efficient management and documentation of employee records.


                Products or packaging equipped with Bluetag BLE can accurately track and identify their positions. Additionally, they can promptly conduct searches and generate reports.

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  • BlueTag enables real-time tracking and precise identification of employees’ or devices’ locations, optimizing data for efficient management and analysis of daily and monthly reports.
  • BlueTag employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, a standard for position identification, in conjunction with location tags.
  • The location tags emit continuous identity signals to the backend system, aiding in the ongoing determination of each tag’s position.

*** The installation of ATI company’s positioning system, BlueTag, varies based on the environment, such as office buildings, factories, or warehouses. It ensures continuous tracking of employees or products.

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