EECi fair to create local participant in development


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EECi fair to create local participant in development

10th January 2018 at Space Krenovation Park (SKP), Sriracha, Chonburi. Ministry of Science and Technology along with GISTDA, Burapha University, Kasetsart University and local private sectors opened ECCi fair. Dr.Suvit Maesincee, minister of Science and Technology as chairman.

Dr.Suvit stated that, Ministry of Science foresaw that supports in develop new technology and innovation will be the key process to promote EEC to be center of trading, investment and manpower for country and region, be able to meet every development needs. EECi fair also in the line with Thai government policy to develop EEC to be top economic center in ASEAN, highlight in science, technology and innovations which helps elevated Thai economy for Thailand 4.0 policy.   

The goal to developed EEC is not only about infrastructure, regulations or business benefits but also about people wellbeing. Established new economic center to coexist with local agriculture and secure people wellbeing is a very challenging topics that government concerns. To reduce arguments and intensity in EEC development, we need to find equilibrium in economic development along with social and environment. Thai government is aware about the issues and want to established EEC with participate from local people.

According to GISTDA director Dr.Anon Sanitwong na Ayutthaya, big project like EEC mark some concerns that it could effects on forest, sea and coastal resources that local people utilize on. To analyze the effects, we cannot use the old method which is meeting with stakeholders because EEC project involved many sectors and consists thousands of projects. We need intelligence system to synthesized data, make it easier to analyzed effects of EEC. 

“GISTDA will develop intelligence policy platform, combined human and artificial intelligence to enhance or replaced old method which is meetings. This system not only digest and synthesized data but also make people look at all sides more carefully. This system will play role to support planning and decision for actionable plan, GISTDA and EEC committee want to make Actionable Intelligence Platform or AIP platform for EEC. For these reasons is why we need Thailand 4.0 development plan.”

Dr.Anon also added that AIP platform is a innovation platform that need to be develop by ourselves. We need to rely on some foreign technology at first but it will be a collaboration between countries. Especially for some technology that is military intelligence, we will utilize it to analyzed and synthesized data. The system will be integrated into our system in 6 months and hope to fully replaced old method within 2 years.

For the EECi fair at SKP, GISTDA hopes to help with EEC sustainable development by using space and geoinformatics technology. The fair contains many activities such as, EEC after 20 years, OTOP products from locals in EEC areas, seminar from community leaders and seminar in high accuracy satellite positioning technology for future society. There is also 2nd Youth EEC and Thailand eastern region development plan contest and Intelligence agriculture contest for vocational students.

There will be around 10,000 participants in 5 days of EECi fair. Participants will learn and comments their ideas about intelligence EEC development plans. The EECi Fair was held between 10th – 14th January 2018 at Space Krenovation Park (SKP), Sriracha, Chonburi.

Cr.Dailynews Thursday 11st January 2018

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