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Our Mission

IoT System using BLE

         - The world is rapidly changing all around us. New technologies emerge and changes the shape of the future.

         - In order to stay ahead we at Asia technologies industry must look ahead ten years and beyond.

         - We must swiftly understand and prepare for what is to come. We believe that we must get ready for tomorrow today. We also believe that the future is in Asia.

Business Outline

  • To build a business model and develop hardware and software for a system using satellite positioning.
  • Development as manufacturing of communication and electronic devices using cloud information system.
  • Consultation and evaluation tests for the country of Thailand and surrounding countries.
  • Development of dynamic mapping and MMS measurement.


ATI is one of the leading IoT solution provider.

         We offer leading-edge location services, developing and manufacturing communication and electronic devices. Develop business model by developing hardware and software for systems using satellite positioning. We also offer dynamic mapping and MMS measurements and, consultation and evaluation tests for Thailand and surrounding countries. Currently few of our projects include, Autonomous Driving System using GNSS, Indoor and Outdoor Positioning System, Safety Driving Assist IoT Device and Satellite Positioning Survey.